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How Much Does Oral Surgery Cost?

How Much Does Oral Surgery Cost

When there are problems with the mouth, jaw, or face, the oral surgery is an essential treatment to fix these issues. Unfortunately, some patients are hesitant to have these treatments because they are worried about the cost of oral surgery.

Even though there is a cost associated with dental surgery, it’s worth the expense to correct these issues. Your out-of-pocket expenses will vary depending on a variety of factors. So, make sure to ask question before the appointment in order to understand how much the treatment will cost, as well as your anticipated out-of-pocket expenses.

Considerations for Oral Surgery Cost

Here are a few factors that will affect the amount of money you will pay for oral surgery:

  • Insurance Plan: Do you have dental and medical insurance? One or both of these insurance providers might pay for all or part of the service. When you have a treatment plan in hand from your oral surgeon, then make sure to reach out to insurance providers for information about anticipated coverage. This conversation will help you anticipate how much will be paid by the insurance company vs. what you will need to pay for out-of-pocket.
  • Type of Surgery: Another detail that will affect your expenses is the type of treatment you need. For example, a simple tooth extraction is a lot more affordable compared to something that is more in-depth, such as the placement of a dental implant and crown.
  • Provider and Location: Different surgeons have unique pricing structures, depending on the doctor’s training and experience. Location also plays a role based on the cost of living in the area. For example, the price of oral surgery in New York City is likely more expensive than the cost in a cheaper state and smaller city.
  • Anesthesia Expenses: What type of anesthesia will be used for the treatment? As a general rule of thumb, local anesthesia is much cheaper than general anesthesia. If the surgery is intensive and requires general anesthesia, then there is often an additional cost from the anesthesiologist that is separate from the surgeon’s bill.
  • Facility Fees: Finally, there might be additional costs for the facility where the surgery is done. If the surgeon has an on-office surgical center, then the oral surgery cost will likely be lower compared to the expenses of hospital fees.

How Much Does Oral Surgery Cost Without Insurance

If you don’t have insurance coverage, then it’s no surprise that your out-of-pocket expenses can add up. In this situation, make sure to have a written estimate for the services that will be provided. Ask the dental office staff for a detailed breakdown so you know what to expect before sitting in the dental chair. While you can find an oral surgery cost estimator online, these automated results aren’t as reliable as the estimate you will receive in the dental office.

Also, find out if discounts are available for cash payments. If the dental staff doesn’t need to worry about insurance billing, then they might offer a reduced price for patients who are paying cash up-front.

Are you worried about the cost of oral surgery because you don’t have cash available to pay for these services in full? Then look into financing options. There are private lenders who offer personal loans to pay for medical and dental bills. You can access the money you need, then make monthly payments until the balance is paid in full.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Surgery

It’s normal to have questions about the treatment, oral surgery cost, and anticipated recovery. Here are a few common questions and answers, helping you learn more before your appointment.

How Much is a Surgical Extraction of a Tooth?

A simple extraction can cost anywhere from $75 – $250 per tooth, depending on the oral surgeon that is performing the work. If it is a complex extraction, such as the removal of an impacted tooth, then the price will go up and can range as high as $550 per tooth.

How much does it cost to fix decaying teeth?

The cost of a basic filling is relatively affordable, ranging between $100 – $300. But the price will go up if more dental restorations are necessary for the tooth. For example, if the dentist recommends the placement of a crown or more intensive restoration, then the price can be as high as $800 – $1500.

How long does oral surgery take for one tooth?

The length of the appointment will vary, depending on the type of treatment being performed. A simple, routine procedure, such as a basic tooth extraction, can be done in 30-45 minutes. But more intensive surgical interventions require more time, so you can expect to be in the office for several hours. Additionally, the use of general anesthesia will increase the time requirement since you need time to wake up from the anesthesia after the treatment is finished.

Is Oral Surgery Serious?

Just because it’s recommended that you need oral surgery, doesn’t necessarily indicate the seriousness of your dental condition. One example is the removal of wisdom teeth. Right now, these back molars might not be causing any issues. But if they are left in place, it’s possible that the wisdom teeth can lead to more serious concerns.

Is oral surgery painful?

Because of the use of anesthesia during the appointment, you won’t feel any pain while the surgeon is working. Local numbing will be used, with shots carefully placed to block the nerves that send signal pains in that part of the mouth. Additionally, certain types of oral surgery are often done while the patient is under general anesthesia, which means you will be asleep while the surgeon is completing the treatment.

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