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Digital vs. Traditional Dental Impressions: Improving Personalized Treatments

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Do you hate the gagging feeling in the back of your throat whenever a dentist needs to take a dental impression? It can be hard to sit with the gooey material in your mouth for 2 to 5 minutes while the impression material sets up. Some patients avoid regular dental visits because of the discomfort of traditional dental impressions. Luckily, we live in a time with many technological advancements, including digital dental impressions.

Alternative to the Gooey Impressions

In the past, the only way to take an impression of your mouth was to use a gooey substance that forms a mold of the treatment area. The dental staff stirs together the mixture and places it in a tray, which is then put in your mouth where turns from paste to a harder, gummy consistency. These impressions can be used for various dental treatments, such as crowns or bridges. The permanent bridge or crown is designed to fit the existing tooth structure, despite the natural grooves and bumps.

Now you can avoid the discomfort of a mouth full of goo by visiting a dentist that offers digital impression systems. We have high-tech tools that take “impression” images of your teeth, which are saved down to the computer so the crown or bridge can be created.

Not only does the technology eliminate the gooey alginate (dental impression material), but it also ensures a better-fitting restoration for your smile. You can expect faster results, less time in the dental chair, and a tooth restoration that is built to last for years.

Digital Dental Impressions: What to Expect

What should you expect if your dentist needs to take a digital impression of your teeth? A special wand is put in your mouth to capture the images that are needed. This process takes less than 90 seconds, depending on the area size that needs to be captured. You’ll find that it is much more comfortable compared to the process used for traditional impressions.

This process creates an exact replica of the teeth in your mouth. As a result, you can expect a better fit for your bridge or crown. The digital technology can capture every small nuance of the tooth, as well as the correct measurement for the subgingival margin (the space between the tooth and gum tissue). The goal is to create a restoration that looks and feels just like the natural tooth.

Does Your Dentist Offer Digital Imaging?

Not every dentist offers these digital services. Some are hesitant because they don’t understand the technology, while others are worried about the price tag of using this type of system in their office.

At myDental, we have invested in quality tools to improve your experience in the dental chair. We offer digital dental impressions, as well as a variety of other modern dental tools to improve your treatments and diagnostics. Learn more by scheduling an appointment at one of our nearby locations. We’re here to help with the dental needs of your whole family.