3 Benefits of Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

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Are you “seasoned” enough to remember the days of the old dental x-rays that were developed on film and thrown up on a light screen for your dentist to view? Remember how your dentist would then proceed to diagnose any problems that he saw? It’s amazing that any kind of small details were seen at all!

Today, modern dentists use digital x-rays to diagnose issues with your teeth and surrounding areas. These problems can include dental cavities, infections, the need for tooth removal, recent dental changes as well as aid your dentist with implant placement. Digital x-ray technology is not only safe, but a very important element to your dental care.

Low radiation digital x-rays are even better than the previously offered x-rays. Let’s look at the benefits that you will find when opting for a dentist that offers low radiation digital x-rays.

More Accurate Results and Diagnosis

The old film x-rays are things of the past. Low radiation digital x-rays can show your dentist things that could have never been seen with past x-ray technology. Digital images provide image clarity, along with the ability to be magnified and manipulated in all kinds of ways to get the best view of your mouth and teeth. This way, your dentist can see more, see better, and give you the most accurate diagnosis possible without digging into your teeth first to figure it out.

Our low radiation digital x-rays also give you the ability to see more. Because digital images show so much more detail and your dentist can move things around and point out even the smallest details when magnified, you as a patient are able to see the problems or issues for yourself, and in turn, make the best decision about your treatment options.

Safer Technology

It’s amazing that low radiation x-rays deliver around 50% less than the amount of radiation that traditional film x-rays produced! Safer technology is one of the best and most important benefits that low radiation digital x-rays offer.

Even the conventional lead aprons have disappeared from many dentist offices. Don’t worry though – those that are concerned about any extra radiation exposure, for example those with thyroid issues or pregnant women, can usually request a lead apron for that extra protection and peace of mind.

Faster Turnaround

Digital x-rays appear on your dentist’s computer screen instantly! Your dentist can literally take x-rays and begin discussing treatment options immediately.

Your digital images can also be stored on the dental office computer for your dentist to reference later. These images can also be digitally sent over to a specialist or other dentist if needed.

Choose a Dentist Committed to Providing the Best

At myDental, we are committed to providing you and your family with quality dental care. Your safety is always at the forefront of what we do. This is why we have chosen low radiation digital x-rays for our patients and our dental office.

If it’s time for you to schedule a checkup and dental cleaning, call for an appointment at one of our convenient locations. We would love to talk with you about our many available services.